DJ Bazootka & Ryacet – That’s What People Do


DJ Bazootka together with Kyiv-born artist Ryacet take you on a techno journey that will test (and taste) your sanity, make you battle the evil of today’s world with fists full of steel on the dance-floor and hopefully provoke meaningful conversations with yourself - a roller-coaster of old-school intense, ghetto and pure lush combined together. The blend of the straight-forward and fast-paced techno from Bazootka together with the unique flow, lyrics and guerilla-like delivery of Ryacet is a small dot of light in this fucked up world of today’s civilisation.

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When the pandemic happened it was a slap in the face, shock that we were learning how to deal with, we had adapt and learn to survive the isolations and everything that came with that, somehow try to stay sane and wake the next day trying not to fall apart.

As soon as the pandemic ended when we thought things would definitely turn for the better, the Russian small-dicked psychopath Putin decided to invade and attack Ukraine totally unprovoked, murdering thousands of civilians and innocent people whilst claiming to cleanse the country out of nazis or some bullshit narrative he can only paint to brain-washed folks that depend on one-coloured and orchestrated media. With humanity only one thing is certain: History apparently repeats itself, and we reject to learn from it.

Is the animalistic behaviour and shallow human psychology such as greed, the will to dominate over others and control civilisation overcome the will to progress into the future, maybe find peace, love and understanding? After all, does life make sense, or maybe not at all?

In these 20 minutes from our EP with Ukrainian artist Ryacet, we have the honour to present you a twisted universe of techno that goes into topics such as the meaning of sanity itself, the never-ending artistic take at emotions and empathy (or lack of them) and continue further with a twist of the sharpest, brutally straight-forward and lush ghetto-tech from both of our minds. Those are two opposite extremes, so how do we dance to the new reality, how do we party and have a good time?