DJ Bazootka – Body Movin’



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This first EP features a quartet of ripping dancefloor stompers. Three different versions of the title track are featured, including the original, a stripped down “Crack Version”, and a marvelously twisted remix by Japanese Acid Person which pushes the tune into breakcore/hardcore territory with its vocal distortions, frenetic breaks, and bass poundings. All three are guaranteed to get the blood pumping.

But it may “Atomska Dopamin Bomba” that’s my favorite here. It’s not about complexity or production (the aforementioned J.A.P. remix sees to that); it’s about the attitude of the tune. This is a sub-two minute unapologetic bass kick to the face; a concentrated dose of four-on-the-floor with the occasional rhythmic flare, sparse synth growls, and driving vocal samples. Sends me back to the glory days of Rotterdam gabber, so nostalgia and aggression play an equal role here. Hell of a fun tune.

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