DJ Bazootka – Club of Gore №6

Club of Gore is back with a №6 release of the series, dedicated to worshipping our friend the darkness on the holy dance-floors through majestic 4/4 rhythms.

Blasting with sub-bass and strong kicks, Ч​т​о М​о​ж​ет Б​ы​т​ is a remix of a track I’ve first made many months ago in 2020 when the world was a different place and we were all pressured from the fucking pandemic. The dub of that version, as published here, represents a completely reworked track that introduces an addicting groove, and simple but powerful elements which follow the old-school philosophy that’s ongoing on the Club of Gore series here.

The second track MVP is influenced by tribal old-school stuff, with disorienting but addictive sound signature which evolves slowly to bring you into an auditory climax, only for the proper heads who want it rough and old-skool straight-forward baby!

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