New Mastering Order

We only need to check for approval, so 320kbps mp3 or lossless is fine - preferably on Soundcloud or WeTransfer.
If you want, describe how you envision your productions and what kind of vibe your music is.
If applicable, send a link to your newest release so we can take a listen. Leave empty if you still haven't released.
Selected Value: 0
Are you looking for a dynamic, balanced or a loud master? Choose an approximate number, higher meaning louder. If you aren't sure, leave it alone.
When mixing, it's recommended you often check the signal in mono so you remove all phasing issues, in those cases most frequently the bass or kick suffers and is almost inaudible from the picture. You will want to ensure mono compatibility because most of clubs have mono sound-systems. The other checks are standard things you should go through before sending your tracks to be mastered.

ℹ️ If you aren't sure, please check our preparation guide.