Ensuring that the sound you’ve imagined is brought to life on a diverse range of sound devices and environments, from home audio systems to club sound-systems. With our mastering, you can confidently publish your tracks to the world and make a lasting impression on your audience.


€25/per track

€22/per track for more than 5 tracks

🟢 Currently accepting new submissions.


How long does it take for a master to be finished?
After we confirm your order, the usual turnaround is 1-2 days. In certain cases we’re overbooked, you will be notified accordingly so you can plan ahead. If for some reason you’re in need for urgent mastering, we offer a certified 24hr turnaround service with additional €10 to the order.

How many revisions are included?
We don’t really pay attention to this as long as the reasons for revisions are genuine, our priority is to provide the best results for you and have a happy client.

Who is the mastering engineer?
Label owner Andrijan Apostoloski a.k.a. DJ Bazootka; you can listen the mastering throughout our label for a taste of diverse styles of techno and electronic music to get a feel for it. Andrijan will work with you to understand your vision of the sound you envision, and will do the best to transfer that transparently to as much as possible devices and scenarios in the real world.

What happens if I got rejected?
If your premasters got rejected, you will get short feedback you can use to fix the issues present and re-order.

Do you master for vinyl?
No, but we do have friends who do mastering for vinyl and lacquers and we’re happy to refer you to them.

What are methods of payment?
We prefer Paypal the most, however we accept several methods of payment.
We also accept Payoneer, bank transfers, Western Union and cryptocurrencies. If these don’t work out for you, reach us out to see if we can find a solution.

Are there any contracts involved?
Yes, after we confirm your order you will receive a contract you will be asked to sign. In short, it states all the details of our business and enables both us as providers and you as a client to be safe in any type of scenario, and states in clear language the ownership and payment details. Alongside the contract, you will receive two invoices: One before we start, 50% of the total fee to be paid upfront and the rest 50% when we deliver the final product.

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