Eclectic rave and electronic music label from the ghetto of 🇲🇰 Skopje, Macedonia.

Freshly squeezed tunes with story-telling narratives and genre-bending sound — made for the proper heads: the listeners, the DJs, the dancers, for all the freaks of the world.

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17.03.23 — New website launch, check the shop for free releases until end of the weekend.

Latest Releases

Korea EP

dj bluegucci

17.03.23 – Tribal techno
Texas based dj bluegucci delivers a totalitarian anthem of tribal techno, fusion of tunes with old-school artillery behind it. These aren’t tools, these are nuclear heads and all three of them hold power that will definitely blow up dance-floors, wherever they might be.

That’s What People Do

DJ Bazootka & Ryacet

30.01.23 – Ghetto-tech, techno
DJ Bazootka together with Kyiv-born artist Ryacet take you on a techno journey that will test (and taste) your sanity, make you battle the evil of today’s world with fists full of steel on the dance-floor and hopefully provoke meaningful conversations with yourself - a roller-coaster of old-school intense, ghetto and pure lush combined together.


Hugo Mesi

13.01.23 – Abstract groove techno
Estonian producer Hugo Mesi debuts on our label with a surreal and vocal-driven EP “Syyde” (ignition in Estonian). His signature production incorporates a wild arrangement with sounds that blend with each other in a very distinctive way, to make a soundtrack that’s for sure going to pick the brains of those who dance to it.